nanoGlue User documentation

Getting started

Connect your MIDI controller to your computer and start nanoGlue. For each action you want to use:
  1. Click on the record button
  2. Move the slider or press the button that you want to bind to
Pres ESC oder click the cancel button to abort the binding process. There is currently no way to unbind so you will have to bind to a not needed controller

Theory of operation

Purpose of the application

nanoGlue allows you to use a MIDI controller to do things it is not originally designed for. A MIDI controller is a piece of hardware, actually an input device. The most well known implementation is the music keyboard. But there is also controllers that consist of sliders, knobs or buttons. These are usually used to controll aspects in the workflow of creating music. nanoGlue allows you to control certain other things of your Mac desktop using such a controller. That is currently controll iTunes, the master volume and the display brightness.

Introduction to MIDI

MIDI stands for Music Instrument Digital Interface. The standard consists of both software and hardware. A MIDI controller sends messages to a some sort of synthesizer. These messages are for example "Note On" and "Note off", but also so called "controller changes". A controller change is sent when the user moves a slider on the controller or press a button that was configured to do so. The message consists of the controller number and the value. See wikipedia for more information on MIDI.
Copyright 2011 Axel Jaeger